Why I’m Running the Amica Newport Half Marathon: Katie Pecora

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In August of 2016, Katie Pecora was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. In October of 2019, Katie will be running the Amica Newport Half Marathon to celebrate her good health and victory against cancer.

When Katie was diagnosed, she was 35 years old, had been married for less than three years, and had a 15-month old daughter. From then through April 2017, she faced chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. From April to June 2017, Katie participated in her local YMCA’s Livestrong Program which helped her regain strength and fitness. “Exercise was a big part of my life pre-cancer. During my cancer treatment, the occasional workouts I could do were usually the only time I felt like my old self,” said Katie.

Katie is running the Amica Newport Half Marathon with two of her friends, Jo and Carrie. The three have been friends since they met as college freshmen at James Madison University about 20 years ago — Jo has gone through some health issues recently herself, so running this half marathon will be a personal victory for her as well.

Katie’s friends were very supportive during her illness and treatment. “When I was going through my cancer battle, they were both amazing and consistently supportive, both in person and on the phone,” said Katie. “They especially went out of their way to help myself and my family during my surgical recovery and I feel our relationships were strengthened quite a bit as a result.”

“Coming back from breast cancer has been a ‘complicated blessing,” she adds. “I cherish my health more than ever, and look at normal, everyday moments as a true gift.”

We’re so excited for you Katie, and we can’t wait to see you and your friends cross that finish line together in October!

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