How to Be a Gray Matter Marketing Intern

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Hi, my name is Lucy Cummings, and was an intern at Gray Matter Marketing during the summer of 2019.  During my internship at Gray Matter, I have spent time both working in their office and helping at their events.  This has allowed me to have a well-rounded experience of the event industry by learning the work that goes into it behind the scenes and also taking part in the day-of execution. If you are thinking of joining the team—which I highly suggest—keep on reading!

My 5 Tips for Being a Gray Matter Marketing Intern

1. Don’t be nervous!

I know you might not be able to help having those first day jitters, but trust me, there is nothing to worry about.  GMM is made up of a small, close-knit team, that will help you feel welcome the second you walk in.  The company culture is laid back and the camaraderie among the group makes it a fun and exciting place to work!

2. Be prepared to use your head!

This isn’t a make copies and deliver the coffee type of internship. You’ll be given real work that has the potential to make a difference in the company. You will definitely need to put in your best effort, but knowing that your contributions truly matter is a rewarding feeling.  For example, I spent a large portion of my time at GMM analyzing data from all their events across the past several years in order to determine customer retention.  In combination, I researched company loyalty programs to come up with possible solutions to help improve retention rates among the event attendees.

Also, when you are working events, you will need to be able to think fast and make quick decisions, as it is essential that any task or problem is handled as best as possible in order to keep the event running smoothly from start to finish.

3. Work as many events as you can

I was able to help at 3 different events during my summer with Gray Matter—the University Orthopedics 5k, the Wells Brew Fest, and the Newport Craft Brew Races.  These events are a lot of fun and help give you first-hand experience with what goes into putting on a big event.  You will be trusted with real responsibility that can make a difference in the overall experience for a customer. It is amazing to see the joy that GMM’s events bring to everyone involved and knowing that you played a role in making it all happen is the best feeling at the end of the day.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

I know this sounds cliché, but I truly mean it.  Whether you need clarification on a task you’ve been assigned, or just want to learn more, the GMM team is always here to help.  Your internship here will provide you with experience in the event planning and management industry, and if you like beer and/or running, that’s an added bonus!  Each member of the team is so nice and approachable, so make sure to take advantage of their breadth of knowledge and experience.  Since GMM is made up of a small team that works closely together, you will definitely feel as though all resources are easily accessible—you just have to ask, and they would love to tell you more! GMM provided me with new skills and a further understanding of all the pieces that go into planning, organizing, marketing, and running a successful event.

5. Expect to have some fun!

I know an internship may be the last place you’d expect to have some fun, but GMM is not your typical gig!  You will definitely work hard but will have a lot of fun while doing it. You can expect some good laughs from the GMM team and some great interactions with people at the events.  It is truly an awesome environment when people are brought together over a common interest. It doesn’t always feel like “work” when you are helping put smiles on people’s faces!

Interested in joining the team for a semester? Shoot us an email with your resume and tell us why you want to be a GMM intern. Interns must be able to receive academic credit; portions of the internship are paid. 

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