Aquidneck Land Trust: Amica Newport Marathon Charitable Partner Spotlight

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Aquidneck Land Trust was founded in 1990 by a group of locals who were “concerned about the pace of real estate development and the increasing disengagement of residents and visitors from the Island’s natural resources.” Since its inception as the first nationally accredited land trust in Rhode Island, ALT has conserved 2,605.55 acres of land, which is equivalent to 11% of Aquidneck Island’s total 37.8 square miles. 

The mission of ALT is to, “preserve and steward Aquidneck Island’s open spaces for the lasting benefit of the community while connecting people with the land that defines the Island’s natural character.” ALT strives to protect Aquidneck Land Trust currently has over 1,100 members. Every membership that is purchased contributes to the permanent conservation of Aquidneck Island watersheds, farmland, parks and wildlife habitats. 

Gray Matter Marketing team members helping ALT at the Spruce Acres Farm site during a community garden construction project.

Aquidneck Land Trust’s current projects include working on making the Little Creek Preserve and Spruce Acres Farm enjoyable and available to the public for “hiking, bird watching, picnicking,” and other outdoor activities. Donations and membership subscriptions all help expedite the process and are greatly appreciated. The Little Creek Preserve has recently opened, but finishing touches are still being made to help this beautiful land live up to its fullest potential!

Aquidneck Land Trust says: “ Since 1980, over 6,200 new housing units have been built. A 2019 build-out analysis by Sasaki & Associates projects that all of the island’s unprotected open space will be developed by 2050. ALT needs your support to conserve as many key properties as possible – before they are gone forever.”

ALT welcomes volunteers to join their Trail Keeper Team to help maintain the 12 miles of trails with basic maintenance and improvement projects. The special events team is offered volunteer opportunities such as helping out at the Race for Open Space 5K, and the Amica Newport Marathon. Volunteers for smaller events such as the Winter Festival trail walk are appreciated as well. 

To learn more about Aquidneck Land Trust, visit their website, to learn more, or to find out how you can run the Amica Newport Marathon in support of the ALT!

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