5 Questions with Stephen Bourguet, 2018 Amica Newport Marathon Winner

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645 runners completed the 2018 Amica Newport Marathon. The first across the line was Stephen Bourguet, from Somerville, Massachusetts with a gun time of 2:39:55. Bourguet checked in about a month after breaking the tape:

Why did you decide to run the Amica Newport Marathon?

I had been thinking about running a marathon for a while and knew that the Newport course was supposed to be both fast and beautiful. The timing of the race also worked well for me, because I was able to get a good block of summer training in before the fall weather became a factor. However, the real impetus for choosing Newport was that my girlfriend was running the half marathon and challenged me to do the full race.

What makes running in Newport great?

The best part about running in Newport was the course’s landscape. The first half of the race really showcased the iconic Newport mansions and ocean views, while the second half toured the more quaint side of coastal Rhode Island life.

This was your first marathon; What did you think? Will there be more in your future?

I really enjoyed my first marathon. Although the distance proved to be difficult, I felt like I had accomplished something by the end and wasn’t too tired to celebrate the victory. I’m currently planning on running the Providence Marathon in the spring and the Boston Marathon in 2020.

Besides the marathon, what is your favorite race distance and why?

Although it wasn’t my best distance, the mile had to be my favorite race. It was the perfect mix of speed and endurance, and I felt engaged throughout each race.

If you could only eat at one restaurant forever, what restaurant would it be and what is your favorite thing to order?

The night before the Amica Newport Marathon, I went to Ida’s Restaurant in Middletown for my pre-race dinner. I got chicken marsala with a side of homemade pasta and it was unbelievable. If I’m ever in the area, I’ll be sure to go back and get it again.

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